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NEW BREAKTHROUGH!  xDaviruS was able to Fix Rogue Spear on Windows 10, Check Out Download Section!
Virus Gaming was designed to help gamers enjoy gaming without having to deal with all the problems all old games come with. For example Rogue Spear, established in 1998 is a very extremely pain the *** to install and playing online with other voobly users.In the download section you can find this game, a ALL in One download at your convenience, Voobly and Online Ready.This is a newer site and has a lot going on at the moment, But speak of Virus Gaming Ladder is in the works, For more than just Rogue Spear, with Moderators that have been doing just this for Years!


Would love to see these old games we love come back to LIFE! Please inform Everyone you know who loves playing games to check out Virus Gaming and download the games! 

This is the Ladder Rogue Spear matches on. Very nice Ladder, however the Signup was disabled due to Trolls. So please contact an Admin [Fusion] [Godxcel] [FknShane] Or Get on Voobly to find them and send them a message with what you want your name to be.

RSL Has Team ranked matches and Single ranked matches, You can find their site by clicking on the Link Rogue Spear Ladder above.

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Currently still playing on Rogue Spear in 2015 On Voobly

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