How To  [Rogue Spear]


The All in one Rogue Spear, is windows 7 ready, with all maps, ati fix, the whole 9 yards. BUT because this install came with the patch and everything that goes with Rogue Spear, it will NOT let you play Single Player for some odd reason. IF single player and training means you not playing Rogue Spear, Then i advise that you download the RS Setup from Rogue Spear Ladder and Follow all the instructions, you must launch Rogue Spear once downloaded, Install the 2.05 Patch in RS Directory, then you u will need to download the all in one map pack, the Windows 7 Fix, which is the EAX.DLL file that goes in the Rogue Spear Folder, You will need to install the ATI Fix if you have a ATI graphics card. Once all is installed and downloaded, Right click on RogueSpear.exe Go to the compatibility Tab and check Run as Administrator. At that point you will need to launch a Voobly Game, to Finish the Patch and No CD crack so you can play the Single Player/Training Missions.

If that all seems to much then simply install the All in One Rogue Spear Game from the Download Section and Enjoy                                                                                                   Rogue Spear ONLINE only Hassle Free!

The most common question asked "Why does my Rogue Spear Crash?"
  • Make sure your copy of Rogue Spear is Installed at this location    C:\Program Files (x86)\Red Storm Entertainment\Rogue Spear
  • Did you Run Rogue Spear as Administrator? Some PC's like to use Windows XP SP3 for compatibility, some can just leave unchecked.
  • Do you have the EAX.DLL File in your Rogue Spear Folder? Windows 7 / Vista
  • Do you have a ATI Graphics Card? Install ATI Fix
  • NO CD when starting Training/Single Player ? Try Launching a Voobly Online Game, to crack Patch.
  • Voobly cant find Rogue Spear? Delete your Registry for Rogue Spear  / Run / Regedit / hkey_local_machine / Software / Wow6432node / Redstorm Entertainment, delete the Rogue Spear folder in the Registry , relaunch your Game and Open Voobly, / Options / Game Diagnostics  If that doesnt do the Trick, Contact DaviruS and will be able to assist you.
  • Keep your Rogue Spear and Desktop Resolution at the SAME for best gaming experience.



At this time Rogue Spear is working on Windows 10. Its nothing like playing on windwos 7/vista but it will work, depending on how much you want to play.

  • Download RS Registry. Most important is you must Run Rogue Spear in windowed mode.
  • Run Compatibility in Windows 95
  • Reduced Color Mode '16Bit'
  • Run in 640x480 
  • Run as Admin
  • Some users have luck with Running Rogue Spear in FORCE SOFTWARE checked in Rogue Spear Options Menu, Some Dont, May just test to see what works for you
  • DO NOT set your Rogue Spear Resolution in RS Registry any higher, where you wont be able to see your screen once you play ONLINE or Single Player
  • This is the best option I could find SO FAR. If anyone comes across any more Tips/Tricks to make Rogue Spear Run smoother on windows 10, Please visit the contact page or leave a Message Below.



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